:: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ugh! Working 6 days a week for as long as I can remember is really taking a toll on me!!! I have a couple things to share with you all, but I need to find some time to look through the pictures and everything!!

I also need to find time to look nice! But, I've also been ill for the last couple of months and look horrid pretty much from the time I wake. I am finally getting in to the doctor to get checked up... So, hopefully I'll be right as rain soon!

Look forward to new posts!

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       Finally. London Calling Black Out Party! :: Thursday, August 2, 2012

So, some friends of mine are DJ's at a club down in StL and every other week they have a set called 'London Calling' where they always have a them/dress code. Also, at the party, my friend's wife, who is a photographer, sets up a drop cloth with props and takes pictures of all the drunkies.

2 weekends ago, they had a b-day party for another friend, and decided that the theme would be Black out Party! Not only for getting Black out drunk, but also to pull out your black clothes like a pro.

Outfit for the night. It is remarkably hard to get details on black to show up in pictures.


My best friends Tim and Bruce

Drinking makes my dance moves BETTER... I swear!

And, lastly, the pictures from the photographer. LOL! My face looks HUGE in these pictures!

The whole night was a ton of fun!

I just did an impromptu photoshoot yesterday because I wanted a new blog layout. Those pictures will be up soon. I just need to pick the image I like best, and get to work.

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