Gyaru Improvement Meme! :: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Got this meme from the lovely Lizzie. It's really weird to see just how much I've changed in less than a year.

Honestly, I've known about Gal for going on 4 years now. I considered myself semi-gyaru for quite a while... without really having enough 'umph' to put the kind of focus necessary to achieve the style. Finally, around October of last year, I thought to myself, let's do this! and got my butt in gear.
Oh, did I mention I've also lost 14 lbs (6.4 kg) since that time as well?
I'm still evolving and changing, so this is fun to see where I've been, and leave the future open to find where I'm going

Click on the pictures to enlarge!


I think I'm going to do a co-ord one as well sometime in the future. I think my style has evolved quite a bit since last October as well!!

AND~! What I wore today.

I notice that once I wear something kind of dark or rockish or 'sexy' the next day I get dressed, I go for a much sweeter look. My style has ADHD, what can I say.
Also, from the last full body picture, my head looks a lot more proportional. That's what it really looks like. The angle I usually use makes my head look GINORMOUS! So, I might take more from the lower camera angle from now on.

Lots of smiles today! I was in a good mood, what can I say!

And 2 up close and personal pics. And, a funny face as well. I haven't been making as many lately. I'll have to remedy that!!!

Tomorrow at 8:30am I start my new job.... super excited, but also incredibly nervous. I already know the girl who is essentially going to be my manager (and I LOVE HER) and I've already met my new doctor... but I'm still really nervous. I know my profession (ps, I'm an optician, just in case some of you have missed that) but I don't know *EXACTLY* what they are going to have me do at this new office.
Unfortunately, that means my nerves are a little frazzled now, and I'm probably not going to sleep all that well tonight! BOOOO!
So, if you will, wish me luck ladies!

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       Did any of you guys get raptured? :: Monday, May 23, 2011

So, I'd just gotten home from work and my friend calls me and says "We're having a rapture party! Can you be here in 20 minutes?"
Um... that only gives me 10 minutes to get ready!!! OMG!

So this is my very simple 10 minute outfit and makeup for the not so rapture day!
Sorry for the sloppy photos. I only had time to snap a few before I flew out the door.

and then with finishing touches.

I later ripped that pair of lashes in half. Guess it's time for new ones.

ANND!! I finally got my Big DM23 Blue lenses. It only took a month and a half to finally get them! xP
I guess it's not really Pinky Paradise's fault the the lenses they had first sent me were defective... but, I was really thinking I'd get something like "sorry for your trouble" or "here something for your wait." But, both times they sent me the new lens, all that was in the package was one replacement.
I know that's all they owed me, but in this day and age, usually to keep good will between customers and businesses, if a mistake is made, they go above and beyond to make it right for the customer. (It's because of the availability of the internet and the ability for people with complaints to get the word out... just like I'm doing now). So, needless to say, I was a little disappointed to only get the one lens wrapped in the package... and no sorry note or little gift for my trouble...
Is that horrible of me? (yes)

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       News and NEW! :: Friday, May 20, 2011

So, a little bit of news first! I ordered another quad weft of hair from Head Kandy. This time, I decided to get a shorter quad, a 16-18", so that I could more easily blend my long extensions with my shorter hair...

As it seems is my luck lately, I received the hair very quickly, BUT there was a problem. (OMG not the Big DM23 fiasco again!) Head Kandy sent me the wrong length of quad. Oh heavens.

SO of course, I emailed them immediately. This is the fastest resolution I've ever gotten! They told me to KEEP the 20-22" quad they mistakenly sent me, and they have already re-sent me a new 16-18".
Once again, Head Kandy has lived up to their reputation and not only provides an excellent product, but exceptional customer service!!

In other news, 3 more days until I'm done at my current job!!!! Going from over 40 hrs a week, to only working 3 days a week until August is going to be interesting... but my stress level is going to go WAY down. YAY! LESS STRESS!

ANND~~ my big news.... I finally went ahead and shaved/shaped my eyebrows. I know guys, you've all been trying to get me to try this for ages. At first, I was resistant because I really did like my eyebrows the way they were. Yes, they were bushier than is normal for gals, and yes, they didn't have a great shape, but it's not like they were hair caterpillars! Also, I was a little scared of the whole thing. I'd once really horrible messed up my eyebrows, so I really didn't want to have that happen again.

BUT, after being asked again to try it, I decided to give it a shot anyway. It took me about 30 minutes at first to shape them... and they looked BAD. I *HATED* them. I sat around and moped for awhile kicking myself because I KNEW this is what would happen... then, I told myself to stop being a baby, went back at them, and managed to save them a bit. I still hated them, though... (>o<)/ However, after getting more used to them and with all the nice compliments I've gotten today, I've since decided that, yes, everyone was indeed correct, and my eyebrows look worlds better now. I did kind of screw up my right one, HUGE CHUNK missing, but I figure I'll fix it slowly, and try to keep up with it so it's not such an ordeal next time!! xPPP

SO I pulled my hair off to the side before I left for the day.

And outfit.

I also went back to my Dolly Wink lashes. I haven't worn them for months now, and when I first put them on, it was a wonder how light they felt. They are worlds lighter than the pair of 2 sets glued together that I usually wear. But, I quickly remembered why I'd gotten tired of them. They must move around or something, because they go from being in the right spot, to being off somehow. They'd be fine for about and hour, then suddenly they'd be poking me in the eye, or looking crooked/saggy.

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       Wavy hair :: Monday, May 16, 2011

So, I've noticed lately the popular hair style isn't so much curly hair, but more of a messy wavy hair. For me, this style is ROCKIN! cause my natural hair wont hold a curl no matter what I do to it. It'll curl for maybe an hour, then give up the battle and droop/unravel.
While I was flipping through magazines at Mitsuwa, I found a tutorial on how to achieve these glamorous waves. Unfortunately, I can't *find* the tutorial now, and have NO idea what magazine I was flipping through at the time. boo!
But, I mostly remembered the steps to the tutorial and gave the style a try for going out last night.

I was going for a little bit of these styles minus the hats instead of my normal spiral curls.

I think I did an ok job, but, MAN did it take a lot more time than my regular curling does.

First, my outfit for the night. Little black dress party. It seems to have gone back to winter here, so I had to bundle up a little bit. Can't wait till I can actually wear the sandals on the floor behind me.

Closer up on the waves.
Wore my Dolly brown lenses. Haven't been wearing these very often because I thought they made my eyes look a little weird. Probably because they are REALLY close to my natural eye color... so it looks like mine irises have grown.

I'm going to keep searching for the tutorial I was looking at so I can post it up here.

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       I think I'm in love. :: Saturday, May 14, 2011

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       Happy Mother's Day!! :: Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't have a lot planned for today. Just hanging out with my ma and helping her with some of the house work! My mom's b-day is on May 20th, so instead of celebrating Mother's Day in any big way, we're putting it off, and doing something special for her birthday instead! It's nice because it gives me a little longer to make plans!

On another note, I've been thinking about changing the lashes I've been wearing. I really like the ones that I wear now, but I'm getting a little tired of the way they feather out on the sides. So, I'm looking for some new ones that are a little bit different shape than the ones I currently use. I've tried a couple different styles, but I haven't really found another type or combination of types that give me the effect I'm looking for.

I'm currently wearing a combination of 2 lashes glued together. Both Diamond Lash

And I do really like them. They're kind of like a thicker version of the limited edition "Wakatsuki Chinatsu Yellow Box"

But, I'm really looking for something that looks a little different. But not sure what! The "Dolly eye" Diamond lashes on their own have very little wow factor and are just about the same length as my natural lashes... so they kind of get lost.
And, I haven't tried, but I doubt the "Dolly eye" lashes will look much better with 2 of them glued together.

So, what I'm wondering is what lashes should I try next? I want to try something that doesn't wing out as much at the corners, but is still dramatic! Well, dramatic in the sense that I do "natural style" makeup.

In other news, I put in my 2 weeks at my current job, and plan to start part time at my new job right after. But, since I'm going down to part time, I'm going to have SO much time to go out and dress how I like! Exciting! But, then again, I'm going to have very little money for awhile. So all the new styles I want to buy are going to have to wait for awhile.

Last but not least, I went out last night with my Katy! It was SO HOT! SO I went with a more summer outfit even though we still really haven't had much spring weather. But, that's generally what happens here in the Midwest.

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       Oh hell. :: Friday, May 6, 2011

So, I got my replacement lens from Pinky Paradise....
I was so excited, I reeeally wanted to wear the blue lenses out and have been waiting more than a month since I ordered them.
Well, I opened the new lens up and poured it into the contact case. Pulled it out, and was looking at it before I put it in... and, low and behold, THE DAMN THING HAD A *HUGE* TEAR IN IT!!!!
You have *GOT* to be KIDDING ME!! How is it that I receive not only one defective lens... BUT 2. What are the odds?! BOOO! BOOO! BOOOOOO! Needless to say, I was livid.
I don't know if this is just a fluke, a bad batch, or if the Barbie lenses manufacturer is just not very good.
I've contacted Pinky Paradise yet again, and I'm wondering what they'll do this time. I am more than willing to send these lenses back and get a refund if that's what they think is best. I'm not sure if I want to get a replacement lens sent to me again.
BUUUT, I LOVE how these lenses look, I love how the one that isn't defective feels, and I really want blue lenses!!!

So, I ended up wearing my princess mimi lenses today instead.

But, I have a couple other pictures to share as well. My makeup transformation.

Wa-la! Me without makeup on and hair not done.

I know, I'm plain and derpy. :D

Makeup done! but no hair.

All done! From plain to not so plain. And, well, you can't get all the derp out.

That was fun. Now on to today.

ANNNNND~~ The funny face HAS to come out.

When I get around to wearing all my new clothes I'll post some pictures of those, too. <3

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       One day Chicago trip! PICTURE HEAVY! :: Sunday, May 1, 2011

So, I randomly had two days off in the middle of this last week (Wednesday and Thursday) so last minute, I decided to make the 4 hour drive up to Chicago to hang out with my lovely Nicole, because she had Thursday off as well!! I've missed her sOOOO much, so I was really glad I could make the trip!

I didn't end up leaving my house until 6pm. xDD I actually wanted to leave a little earlier, but i just couldn't get motivated to get ready! I think I was dreading the drive too much! 4 hours drive is really TOOO LONG!!!

I'm only putting a few pictures up with Nicole in them because I have her permission for those, and I don't want any of them being used in a bad way.

This is what I wore for the car ride. I wanted to wear something loose and flowy, so this outfit worked out perfectly.

Another reason I didn't leave until night time was because I was REALLY hoping that it would stop pouring outside. But no luck, so I started my long journey with my windshield wipers going full blast. Icky day!

Concentrating on driving... heh!

About half way to Chicago, the rain finally let up, and the sun came out briefly. Unfortunately, it was at that awkward angle that shines right in your eyes! BOO!

But, it got dark quickly... there was also construction every 10 miles or so! SO much construction!

That's right, I drive 10 miles over the speed limit... AND take pictures while doing it. I am just THAT rockin'!

Full dark.. and MORE construction!

I made it in one piece of course around 10pm. I met Nicole at her work and took the opportunity to cam whore a bit while she finished up.

This is about the time I realized my left contact was in inside-out!!! WTF, I've never done that before without immediately noticing! Usually it hurts like a mother f-er when I put my contact in inside-out, but the Princess mimi ones I didn't even notice until I looked at myself more closely.

So, I took them out, and we headed out to Olympic Star!! The BEST diner DUMP EVARRRR! It has some of the best bad food I've ever had. And, I LOVE IT!

After Olympic Star, we headed back to her place to catch up a little and sleep.

Next morning! Getting ready for our day out shopping and other shenanigans! I have a couple makeup pictures as I got ready. I'll put those up at some point just cause.
I love our cheesy smiles in this picture.

CAM WHORE! Bored while she finished getting ready. Funny faces are my FRIEND!

Away we go!

We shopped for quite awhile, and I just really wasn't finding anything I liked until we went in Delia's. So, I know this store is supposed to be for teenagers, but I couldn't pass up this complete outfit! The skirt is just DARLING, and the print T was only $10. So, SCORE! and they went together well. I just HAD to buy them! Plus, their dressing room was rockin' the leopard print. LOVE!

Together! My Nicole is NOT a gal, but she's still adorable! You can kind of see that days co-ord. I never did take a good picture of it, though.

By this time, is was time for a snack! CINNABON! DELICIOUS! We shared one of their big rolls.

Cinnabon happiness!

But all good things come to an end.

I love this shirt. Nicole said I looked like a pirate wench, which just makes it that much better.

The back had two overlapping panels. very nice for summer!

And then this shirt was EVEN BETTER! I'm so happy I finally started finding some great buys.

I also found this awesome purse. I loved the inside of it, and just the entire design was just my style. AND, it was on sale! Instead of being $89 it was only $59, so of course I couldn't pass it up!

For dinner we went to Sushi Station! OH nostalgia! When we were in collage, we used to go to Sushi Station and Mitsuwa (the Japanese shopping mall) at least once a week. Sushi Station is the only (I think) Kaiten Zushi place in Chicago... or anywhere in the midwest as far as I know of. I LOVE KAITEN ZUSHI! But, I was still full from the cinnabon, so I could only manage to eat 4 plates! It was still as delicious as I remember though.

Another car picture, on our way back to Nicole's house. Sadness because I knew once we got back to her place, I had about 20 minutes to pack up my things and go since I planned to leave there at 8pm.

BUT, we detoured off to Jamba Juice anyway! DELICIOUSNESS! We don't have Jamba Juice near where I live either. It's like a healthy fruit and frozen yogurt smoothie place. I usually get a Maccha blast, but this time I got a chocolate-moo'd. It was SO YUMMY!

Finally, my camera died, and I had to resort to using my crappy phone camera to take our final good-bye pictures!

I left around 8:30pm, and didn't end up making it back home until around 1:30am. I ended up having to stop halfway through to get a coffee and a snack to wake myself up. It was a very long day, but definitely worth the effort!

I had a ton of fun and already miss being there and hanging out with my girl! It sucks that we live so far away from each other.

I also got my last shipment from rakuten. So, I'll be making a post about that soon too.

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