December Popteen picks! :: Monday, November 28, 2011

OMG! The last week has been absolutely NUTS! Getting ready for Thanksgiving, then working 13 hours retail at 2 jobs on Black Friday! And then no days off until this next Tuesday!
Actually, though Black Friday was a very long day (2am-11am then 5pm-9pm) everyone was really nice and the time just flew by.
It was yesterday that was awful! It was like everyone used up their niceness on Friday and were in a grumpy mood all day Saturday! It honestly felt like Saturday was a week long!
Luckily, today's shift is only 3 hours long, so I have a little time to blog just a bit!

So, these are my picks from the December Popteen!

Top left outfit! Adorable! I love how the shades of nude go together, and then the pop of the red hat.

This coat in the middle is just lovely! So many coats I want right now!

These type of sheer tights with patterns were really popular last year. I have quite a few, but I really like the plain polka dots pair! It'll be something I'll keep a look out for this year.

Red coats! I also adore the red with beige trend this year. Need more red... and beige for the matter, because I have very little of either!

The middle outfit here is perfection! Enough said.

Same with this outfit. All my favorites, beige, red, pattern!

I also was in love with the makeup in the magazine! Since I'm a HUGE fan of natural gyaru/gyaru inspired makeup, these were right up my alley.

Beautiful! And, I love the use of natural bottom lashes mixed with just a little false lashes towards the sides to maintain the gyaru makeup shape!

Yup! So those are what caught my attention in December's Popteen!

Hopefully soon I'll have enough time to go back to my regular posting xD

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       Now, for somethng completely different... :: Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kind of an inspo post, kind of a makeup play post xP

I've been toying with this for awhile just cause it's fun to play with your makeup sometimes! I don't usually have enough time to do this because I'm currently working 3 jobs! SO, I toss on my usual makeup and run out the door! BORING!

So, I was flipping through an old issue of Ageha and musing about the makeup. I don't often look through Ageha because it isn't really my style, but I do enjoy the makeup sections. They honestly have a good range of styles/shapes in their makeup.

Well, I had a little time the other night after work... It's been MONTHS since I've even given the more harsh/dark makeup a try... and this was the result!

Remember, this is NOT my style what-so-ever. I appreciate it and think it looks awesome on so many people, but not me :))

And, I took LOTS of pictures because I couldn't really tell if the pictures were good xD Enjoy (X_x)

hmmm... whatdaya think?

This outfit was seriously a struggle to put together. I've gotten rid of a lot of my rocker clothes and the likes.... so I had to dig through my wardrobe. The studded belt is actually from when I was in High School... and I'm not even gonna say how many years ago that was!!

Another thing I've been looking at is the nail art pages in different magazines!
The nails I'm wearing right now were inspired by a set I saw in Zipper magazine!

and Mine~

AND~ another pair I've made but am waiting to wear in Japan~~



As always, it's great to get inspiration from magazines or other people, but making the style your very own is the most important of all. If what you're wearing or doing isn't fitting YOU, there's no way you can feel confident in how you look!!
Also, making the style yours sometimes means people are going to tell you you're not doing it right. WHO CARES! Just DO YOU! and have fun with it. If people are getting you down and you're feeling awkward, stop and figure out what is best for you. Maybe what others are suggesting is best to be ignored (not always mind you, but people are always full of advice that doesn't always apply to you). :)
So says the great Rachel... or something.

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       My makeup! picture heavy! :: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've had quite a few people message me about my makeup lately (both positively and negatively) and I wanted to show everyone what I do with my makeup! It's really not that exciting, but I wanted to share. xD

I like the more natural style of gyaru makeup/gyaru inspired makeup, so that is how I like to do my makeup!

Let's get started LOTS OF MY NEKKID FACE! WATCH OUT!!!
Click for bigger pictures (duh xP)

Yup... my face right out of the shower! Getting ready for my first layer. As you can see, my skin isn't horrible all on it's own. Just a little blotchy. :)

First 2! Olay Regenerist: Regenerating Serum and Biore: Nourish moisture lotion.
You'll see a theme with my makeup! A good moisturizer is the best thing to start your makeup off with.

Pore Putty clear. Nice base. As you can see, my pores are less noticeable.

Maybelline: Instant Age rewind concealer. Sorta gets rid of my dark circles.

Revlon Age Defying DNA foundation.

ANND~ Pore Putty face powder brings everything together.

Next, I always dry my hair after putting all my foundation on, otherwise, my bangs will stand straight up no matter what I do to them after.

Loreal Hip Studio Secrets Crystal eyeshadow. This adds just a little shimmer at the inner corners and above the lids.

Homei Diamond Dazzling Eyeshadow. I use 1 all over my eye and around the outer corners and under my bottom lashes. 2 I use right above my upper lashes.

Maybelline Eyestudio Charcoal Carbon pot of eyeliner. I don't use a TON of this, but I line my upper lids and then wing it a bit at the edges.

Now, it's time for curling the lashes. I find it's easier to blend the falsies with my natural lashes when they're curled. :)

CoverGirl exact eyelights for brown eyes mascara. I don't find what mascara you use to be extremely important, but I like this mascara for when I'm not going to wear my falsies.

CIRCLE LENSES! Candy Brown. and Dolly Wink No. 1 Dolly Sweet lashes! It really depends on the day when my lenses get put in. Usually it's very first, but when I'm unsure which I feel like wearing, I'll wait until right before I out my lashes on to put them in.

And, finally Coffret D'or blend color blush PK-24, a little bit of contouring on my nose, and chapstick today (sometimes I use gloss, but when it's windy like today, I CAN'T STAND my hair blowing and sticking to my lips. UGH!!).

After makeup I put on my clothes and do my hair! Nothing to it. This whole process takes me about 45 minutes or so if I'm going really slow, and 15 minutes if I'm in a rush.
See, yeah, nothing special. But, I like it a lot! It's not perfect (brows and mouth especially xD) but nothing is :)

EDIT: ps. If you think I should do something with my brows (which I am perfectly aware of :)) say something other than "I think you should shape your brows" (not to single out anyone) The idea isn't new to me, I just haven't found how *I* want to do them.

Start to finish!

I love this picture... I look like I have plans to go DESTROY something. MUWAHAHA!

What I wore today:

My room is an EMBARRASSING MESS! So, crappy photoshop.

And candid at work

I have a lot of other entries planned including a couple inspo posts, so stay tuned!

ps. I've edited this post like 10 times, so sorry if it shows up 10 times in your feed!!

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       Hanging out shenanigans! :: Saturday, November 12, 2011

First off, as all ya'll have probably noticed, I redid my blog layout! I like the Halloween one better, but this will hold me over! xD My favorite part... the mustache cursor!

Aside from that, I've done quite a bit of hanging out this week! Nothing too spectacular, but good opportunities to take pictures! So picture dump :)

Wednesday night was dinner and movie night again.

TOFU STEAKS! - they don't look like much, but they were SO yummy! Bruce is semi-vegan, so he's teaching me how to cook and eat the way he does. He guarantees that if I eat more like he does (veggies and as many as you like) I'll lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks or less xD SO, I might start doing this!

Thennn~ Thursday

Simple outfit for hanging out. Been wearing skinny jeans a lot lately! I've been so COLD! Which is odd for me cause I always wear dresses and skirts all winter long!

Anyway, we went to Global Brew for Louis' birthday! This is a beer bar that has HUNDREDS of beers on tap from all over the world! All types of flavors like banana and such... unfortunately, I'm ALLERGIC TO BEER!!

SO, I had Woodchuck hard cider! PUMPKIN FLAVOR! Which is extremely delicious! Pretty much, to me, anything pumpkin is a safe bet :)

My friends are all lumberjacks! Not really, but they are a burly lot! It's weird, especially being the only one with gal style to hang out with this crew! But, they're mine and I love it!

And, in our group that night we had a magician (who was AMAZING) and an artist!

This seemed to be the expression of the night :)

Lastly, I was wondering some things! I've been looking for an eyebrow pencil for awhile, but I can't find anything I like. 1. I can't find a good color. Dark colors look so BAD and light colors look so... awkward. SO, I'd love some advice on what works for all my readers.

Also, what would ya'll wanna see me blog about? I personally like reading random things and looking at tons of pictures from my favorite bloggers. How about you guys?

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