December Popteen picks! :: Monday, November 28, 2011

OMG! The last week has been absolutely NUTS! Getting ready for Thanksgiving, then working 13 hours retail at 2 jobs on Black Friday! And then no days off until this next Tuesday!
Actually, though Black Friday was a very long day (2am-11am then 5pm-9pm) everyone was really nice and the time just flew by.
It was yesterday that was awful! It was like everyone used up their niceness on Friday and were in a grumpy mood all day Saturday! It honestly felt like Saturday was a week long!
Luckily, today's shift is only 3 hours long, so I have a little time to blog just a bit!

So, these are my picks from the December Popteen!

Top left outfit! Adorable! I love how the shades of nude go together, and then the pop of the red hat.

This coat in the middle is just lovely! So many coats I want right now!

These type of sheer tights with patterns were really popular last year. I have quite a few, but I really like the plain polka dots pair! It'll be something I'll keep a look out for this year.

Red coats! I also adore the red with beige trend this year. Need more red... and beige for the matter, because I have very little of either!

The middle outfit here is perfection! Enough said.

Same with this outfit. All my favorites, beige, red, pattern!

I also was in love with the makeup in the magazine! Since I'm a HUGE fan of natural gyaru/gyaru inspired makeup, these were right up my alley.

Beautiful! And, I love the use of natural bottom lashes mixed with just a little false lashes towards the sides to maintain the gyaru makeup shape!

Yup! So those are what caught my attention in December's Popteen!

Hopefully soon I'll have enough time to go back to my regular posting xD

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At November 28, 2011 at 2:42 AM, Anonymous Maria May said...

I know how you feel. Work also sucks for me at the moments with alot of shifts and long workingdays because of christmas. And some people are srsly nasty and doesn't know the word 'thank you for you effort'

At November 28, 2011 at 3:07 AM, Anonymous l0ckheart said...

So far, no one has been down right nasty to me... but some have been short. The holiday's are so outrageous!


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