Another weekend! :: Sunday, October 23, 2011

I've been updating like crazy lately. I think it's because I've been a lot busier than normal and I've taken to bringing my camera with me almost everywhere I go.
I'll probably get this out of my system soon enough!

I worked all day, which is my norm lately.

Then, Dinner and a movie night! I think we're going to make this a weekly thing. My best friend and I get together, he cooks me dinner, then we pick out a movie and hope it isn't awful! Last week, we watched Hanna, this week, we decided to watch TRON! (the new one).

The movie was pretty good. I watched the 1st Tron like... 20 years ago, and really didn't remember any of it. You didn't need to have seen the first movie to understand the 2nd, but it would have helped just for random background. The graphic and story line were good, but I felt like there could have been something else.

We also tried this new (at least new to me) vodka!
Cake Vodka!!

OMG! This is like the best vodka I have EVER had. It honest to God tastes like Cake! And, if you mix it with Sprite, it makes the most righteous cream soda! But, this is also a drink you have to be careful with because it is SO easy to drink WAY too much.


I worked all day, looked like an old granny ho-bo... was supposed to go to a Haunted House that night, but was stood up! BOO! otherwise, very uneventful day xD


Ma and I had our day out. We try to have a girls day every week.

Because we're going to be participating in the craft fair here in my town, we decided to go check the one in Troy (a town near mine) out today. It was really adoreable! SO many crafty people all in the same area! I found a lot of Christmas gifts for my friends. I'm hoping that my friends like them all!

SPIDERS! I don't really like spiders, but when you make them cutesy, they aren't so bad. I thought these would be rockin' Halloween decorations! They're made out of steel rods.

I also found this amazing belt buckle stand! Custom Buckles They had a ton of belt buckles that I really wanted. The belt with the fleur de lis on it in the top of the photo is a MUST HAVE for me right now. The buckle by itself is $30 and the belt is $10... not too bad, but I have to save my money up right now... but, I NEED THAT BELT!


After the craft fair, Ma and I went to Sakura's, a Japanese restaurant in town. OMG! so yummy sushi!

That's right... I ate every bit of it!

Tomorrow, I'm going Pumpkin picking and hopefully there will be a corn maze!!!
I want to wear flannel/plaid tomorrow... I wonder if I can put together a cute flannel outfit for tomorrow?! So, look forward to picture dump from that. Also, my picks from Popteen and other gal mags (I know I'm way late this month!) will come soon!

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       Weightloss update and some such! :: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

first off~ THANK YOU! To the author of this Valentine! You inspired me to get off my bum and finally finish this post!

SOO~~ I've had some plans for this post for awhile. As you all know, I've been dieting for about 9 or 10 months now. I've been doing my very best, and have made some progress towards my goal! Right now, I am about 8~10 lbs (3~4 kg) away from my ideal weight! Seeing as I started my quest at about 165 lbs (75 kg) I'm feeling pretty good now.

Click for bigger...
Yeah, that's me. And, that was after losing 10 lbs (5 kg) or more!

I've been asked a few times how I've been going about losing my extra padding, so I wanted to share a little of my journey with you all here!

First of all, everyone who wants to lose weight, whether it is 5 lbs or 100 lbs, you have to find what works for you. Not everyone is into running long distances, not everyone loves to dance, and not everyone can physically get up and participate in strenuous activities! So, the very first things you have to figure out is what YOU can do.
This is what has worked for me.

In the very beginning, I started out going to the gym 2-3 times a week. Starting slow, I would run/walk on the elliptical machine. The first couple weeks, I could only last for 20-30 minutes before I thought I was going to DIE! I would stumble off the machine literally dripping buckets of sweat looking like a limping zombie. It was NOT pretty. It was kind of disheartening because I was SO out of shape. I also started to play soccer with a local indoor club every Sunday. I wanted to quit so many times in the beginning, but some how, I kept going.


Also, from the beginning, I started to limit my daily intake. Instead of eating nearly 2000 calories (or more) I brought my daily allotment to 1600 calories. That doesn't sound like much, but really, it is a significant amount when you're used to eating whatever you like whenever you like!! Also, I banned a lot of foods from my diet. Chips gone, snacks NO MORE!, Candy nope, fast foods GET OUTTA HERE! Also, sugar filled drinks like soda/pop, fruit juices and the likes were a HUGE NO NO! You wont believe how quickly the first couple of pounds come off when you stop eating JUNK!

As the months went by, I was able to run steadily for over an hour burning 700 calories each time. But, going to the same place doing the same thing 3 days a week began to get way too boring... So, getting myself to go to the gym was more of a challenge, especially because I worked 5-6 days a week. So, I started to mix things up. 1-2 times a week I went to the gym, 1-2 days a week I started to do Wii!! Wii sports are incredibly addictive and quite the aerobic workout! My favorite games are definitely Just Dance, DDR, and Zumba!

ZUMBA! (this is actually from this morning)

My second step in my dieting was to start limiting the amount of carbohydrates I ate and increasing the whole/fresh foods I was eating. This is breads, pasta, rice, cereals, potatoes etc. These foods, though are typically good for you, turn right into sugars in your body, your body goes HOLY HELL TOOOOO MUCH SUGAR! and your pancreas shoots out loads of insulin to compensate which, in turn, lowers your blood sugar, which makes you go... MMMM DONUTS! and cram your face full of more foods that you really don't need (and probably shouldn't be eating in the first place). And so goes the ugly cycle.
You see, cutting calories can only do so much for diets, and will only work for a limited time before most people quit because it's not working fast enough/ is too hard to maintain for long periods of time. So, by pairing the cut calories with changing my entire diet to better foods, I was able to lose a lot more weight.

Lately, I have been working out 5 days a week. This sounds like a lot, but really, it depends on what you're doing. I walk 4-5 miles 3-4 days a week, play soccer once a week, and try to do something aerobic (Wii!!) once a week depending on if I was able to walk every day or not. Plus, I have cut my calories to 1200~1400 a day. (you really should NEVER go below 1200 calories unless supervised by a physician!) This, for me, is maintainable and does not put un-do stress on my body. Plus, WATER! DRINK IT! I try to drink the required 8 8oz of water a day. It flushes out toxins and excess salt which make you retain water (i.e. weight).

Also, don't stress. You have to give in every once in awhile. It isn't CHEATING on your diet unless you do it CONSTANTLY! Eating a couple cookies every once in awhile, a bowl of ice cream here and there, or a candy bar now and then is not going to ruin you.

Oh, and don't let yourself get hungry. If you are hungry, EAT! But, eat something GOOD for you. Handful of carrots, gram crackers with peanut butter, some cereal. Yes, I know I said OMG carbs NO!! But, you don't need to completely eliminate them from your diet, just limit them. They make awesome snacks.., not gonna lie.
Another thing I want to stress, DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE FADS! FADS FADE! You know what I'm talking about.. "Try this pill and the pounds will melt off!" "No exercise needed weight loss" "eat this food and you wont be a little fatty!" They may work for a short time, but they wont really do it for the long run. You might lose the weight for a little while, but it WILL come back because most FAD diets are not healthy or maintainable for the long haul.

I think almost all the gals out there are familiar with this ad, or ads like it.... it's a lie. So don't let similar ads pull you in!

I hope sharing my tips with you all helps someone!


In other newssss~
The women in my family get together once a month for any birthdays we have in that month. So, Monday was the dinner. This month, there are no birthdays... so, we celebrated Halloween! After we were all there, we realized we should have all dressed up or done something more special for this one... oh well!

What I wore... I'm covering my face because I kept making the derpiest faces evAR!
I finally got to wear the cape I bought last year! When I got it last year, it went from too warm to wear it, to too COLD! BOO!


And, this is today. Just another work day...

And now, I dance!!! ( ・∀・)

And, the makeup... with my camera, you can't usually see what my eyeshadow is doing, so, finally this is what it looks like.

I hope you all enjoyed this entry! If you have any questions you want to ask me about my weight loss or anything, feel free to ask!

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       Friday and Saturday :: Monday, October 17, 2011

Yup, another post!

I worked all day then went over to my friends house for a movie and dinner! YUM!

WORK! Well, work is more like play everyday since where I work is AWESOME! hahaha (I know I keep saying this again and again, but it's the truth!)

Dinner and a movie!

Bruce is such a cook! LOVE!

Tuna Steaks and home made...salsa? I don't know what you'd call it. and WINE! copious amounts of wine.

I was telling a really good story... I swear!

We ended up watching Hanna, which turned out to be a pretty good movie. I think the girl who plays Hanna is so adorable!


I had a good day hanging around doing chores, running errands and doing what I needed to do.

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       Big DM23 Pink Lenses Review amoung other things. :: Sunday, October 16, 2011

G&G Big DM23 Pink Lenses
Since my oldest lenses are now expired and have gone to the great lens case in the sky, I decided to buy some new lenses! I was thinking I'd get one kind of brown lenses, then another... finally, I decided PINK LENSES!!! It was random, I know.

I have always ordered my lenses from Pinky Paradise they've always been reliable, well priced, and honestly I have an account there, so it's convenient.

As always, the lenses came with an animal case and a free gift! Another velcro hair holder! Yay! er... well, now I have a stock-pile of them. xD

Onto the review!

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal
Lenses in their little vials.
I was hoping they'd be a little more colorful... but they aren't very pigmented at all. Just a hint of pink really.

Wearing them no makeup. No flash, flash, no flash, flash. xD

As you can see, they really don't have a lot of color to them at all. When I decided on getting pink lenses, I wanted PINK! And, I wanted something kind of like my blue Big DM23 lenses, perfect hint of color.. but these just don't have that hint of color... they're really almost colorless. So, I was disappointed in that. The enlargement is about the same as the blue DMs, though. So, it's decent enough.
Enlargement/Cosmetic: 2/5

The first day I wore them, they took awhile to settle, once they did they felt ok. But, as the day wore on, they ended up getting really dry. They would get stuck to my eye, and wouldn't move around properly when I blinked. And usually not in the correct position, either. At one point, while I was working, the lady that shares the building with us asked me if I had a lazy eye because my right contact was continuously floating off to the outer edge of my eye. It was the weirdest thing since I've never had contacts do that before.
The 2nd day I wore them, they felt a lot better. They didn't get nearly as dry, and I didn't feel like the right one was drifting as much as it had been. They still didn't feel wonderful, and the fit was still off on one eye.
Comfort/Fit: 2/5

Snapped some makeup pictures to show them. In the flash pictures, you can tell that one lens is floating out a little bit (my lenses always sit a little more to the outside of my irises, but one of these is always floating much farther out), but in natural light, you can't really tell as much that they are off.

No flash


Overall, I was disappointed in these lenses. Mostly because this brand's lenses in blue are my favorite lenses, so I had high hopes for the pink ones as well. Unfortunately, the color was unexciting, the fit was poor, and they dried out far sooner than any of the other lenses I've used. It's crazy how much difference a change in color can make with lenses!
I'll give them another try of course. I noticed when I soaked them in a different contact solution, they felt a lot better, so maybe I'll stick with that one for now. They have a pretty good natural effect when they aren't dry..

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