Harajuku, Yoyogi Koen, and Les Mirroirs! Yum! :: Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So, This last week was Golden Week here in Japan and we got a couple days off from work to enjoy ourselves! 
On Saturday, Vin and I headed into town to visit Harajuku and Yoyogi Koen!

Harajuku was crazy crowded! 
 But really, that's to be expected when it's a holiday! This is the first time I've ever seen this colorful octopus.

We found this amazing little Brazilian? cafe on Takeshita street that was SOO delicious!!

 This was my meal! Small salad, small corn soup, steak with 'ragu' sauce and rice! Delicious!

And of course when in Harajuku, you have to get a Marion Crepe! 

Yoyogi Koen was also pretty crowded. So many people walking, sitting, playing badminton.. nice for a lazy day of walking and spending time with the boy!  

 2 unedited pictures from that day! 

After we were finished in Yoyogi Koen, we headed back home and decided to try the little French restaurant that is right across the street from our apartment.
They have a course menu, so we got the traditional course.
 1st was appetizers! 1 for each person. I have no idea what they are called, but the Japanese wife of the chef (who is French) said "It's like meatloaf and salami" so.. yeah :)

 Main dish. Thin steak with caramelized onions on top and potatoes and mushrooms under it. SOOO good!

 And desert! As a service they gave us each of the deserts! Chocolate Fondant (which was like a really creamy brownie) and cheesecake!! SO GOOD!

It started raining before we got to the restaurant, so I look a mess but... lol!

Thanks for reading!!

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