2012 Year in Review :: Friday, January 4, 2013

Hi all!!!

I know, I know... You're all thinking 'OMG SHE'S NOT DEAD!!' and, you would be right... though just barely. ;)

I have been absolute shit at keeping up with blogging the last several months. With having been really sick for so long and working more than I should (and generally not taking good care of myself) I've neglected both this blog and my entire gyaru-esque existence.
However, I still have been able to get myself gal-ed up every once in awhile this year. SO, today for my blog-post, I want to give a little overview of my year month-by-month. (Idea from Choose Sugar Blog)

After spending my New Years Holiday in Japan, the rest of January found me back at work. Spending time with family and friends was pretty much the highlight of the month.

My first problem with my clothing sale EVER. Girl put a claim against me... which she blatantly LIED about and it ended up messing a lot of things up and costing me almost $40 extra and lots of fighting with my bank even though I *WON* the claim cause she was a LIAR. lol and then nothing extremely special happened in feb. Lots (and I mean lots) of hanging around with my friends, working hard, and living life fast.

My best friend Bruce got back from Afghanistan. More random partying. My friend used me for a photoshoot.

Went up to Chicago for Anime Central! It had been a couple years since I'd been to Acen since I hadn't watched anime in years...and it was a ton of fun to go back and remember all the craziness we used to get up to while we went to the different conventions. Also, the HAIL STORM OF DEATH happened this month... where hail stones AS BIG AS MY HEAD! (or at least as big as a soft-ball) rained down on my town. Luckily, I wasn't there. Plus, we started planting out garden :)

I was in a buddy's promo video (for a split second) for DJ Erge's b-day bash at John Barleycorn (a night club my friends and I frequent in Chicago). Can you spot me? (hint: I'm dancing and alone :)) I also had lost 40 lbs by this time. :)

My first ever London Calling Event! Loads of fun, pictures, dancing and love :) Nicole came down to StL to visit and clubbing happened. (Pretty much the story of this last year). I also started noticing the first warning signs I was getting sick.

I turned 27!! Happy Birthday to me! Also more Waterpark fun, London Calling, working, and getting sicker but ignoring it like a champ. AND, a second photoshoot with my friend.

My brother's WEDDING! Where he married my new sister in law who is AMAZING! LOVE YOU ROXANNA! Also in this month: Mitsuwa summer festival, I unknowingly joined a Japanese idol group (but quickly unjoined since I didn't want to be in it). Work, and I stopped even pretending to have enough presence of mind to blog. Still trying to ignore being sick.

I had to look at facebook to try and remember what happened in this month... which, since the only things I posted about was playing soccer and trying to eat healthy... I'm gonna guess nothing happened. This month is like a black hole in my memory. There are no pictures from this month... I remember working and being sick. Are we seeing a theme here? Looking back, yeah, should have gone to the doctor.

Cousins wedding and I finally went to the doctor towards the end of the month and was told that my lymph nodes were enlarged and harder than they should be. What was causing it was anyone's guess. So, blood tests, doctors appointments and Halloween! I spent the entire month anticipating Halloween. It's my favorite holiday and I ALWAYS have a blast!! I was going to have a blast no matter what!! We went to London Calling, SOOO much fun.

The first day of November my best friend Bruce shipped back out to Afghanistan. (NOOO!) I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue... or Fiber Malaysia... or undiagnosed Mono remnants ... Pretty much a 'yeah, we can see you're sick but fuck-all if we know what you have' and was told to rest more, exercise, and eat well. (pretty much all of what I haven't been doing since I started getting sick... not gonna lie).
In HAPPIER news, I was promoted to Cash Lead at work! I ended up training 85 new recruits and could lord over the cashiers. lol!! My cashiers love me :)

Diet and exercise seemed to be getting the job done. Still had days I felt like I was dying, but they were few and far between. I went and saw FUN at the Peabody Opera House with my ma, Nicole came back to visit and gave me a Clarisonic Mia for Christmas!! The world did NOT end on December 21st AND... I decided to change my life significantly and am MOVING BACK TO JAPAN IN MARCH!!! Enjoy my new passport picture LOL!

That's right, being sick has taught me that I need to DO something with my life before I'm no longer able. I'm 27 years old, and in a couple years, I might not be able to just pick my ass up and move to another country. SO, I'm doing it now. I'm still young DAMN IT! and I'm going to keep doing whatever the FUCK I want. :):):):)

Right now, my visa is processing. It'll be a few months before I know if it'll go through. I'm planning on living with a friend right outside Shibuya (holy fuck expensive) and I'll be working as an ALT until I find something better. It's not my ideal job, but I'm going to be looking for something like what I was doing before I came back last time (ie. being the main teacher instead of the assistant). Right now, it's whatever get's me back over there.

So, that was my year in review. It hasn't been an overly exciting year, and it flew by.
Let's hope that next year holds a lot more excitement!

And, now, a couple pictures of right now taken from my new Acer Aspire touchscreen laptop with windows 8 LOL!

and with my normal picture! Yay!


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