Japan Adventure Part 1 :: Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's time for my first post about my Japan trip! I was there for 13 days (12 nights) And had an absolute BLAST! Now, I've finally settled back home enough to put this post together.

So, just for the record, I did a poor job of actually documenting my trip! lol!
I've just been back and forth, and lived there so long that I really didn't know what to take pictures of. What I find interesting there isn't always what others find interesting! So, here is just a montage of the over 800 pictures I took!

Day 1: The flight
So, I look like a mess when I fly. I put no makeup on, pin my hair back, and wear sweats while on the plane. (13 hours is a LONG trip!) That way, when I get off the plane, I can stop over in a bathroom, wash my face, fix my hair (somewhat) and change to look halfway decent! If I try to get pretty and then travel, I look like a hot mess at the end. I do envy those girls who can manage the long trip and still manage to walk off the plane fresh and gorgeous. lolz!

I slept a little on the plane, but mostly by that point, we'd been up for around 20 hours. This flight had been really warm, too. So, it was just ick!

But, NEVER FEAR, we would never leave the airport and transverse into Japan Land looking like that. We stopped in the bathroom and changed and threw on some makeup (not a lot though)

Nichole and I
We stopped over in Ikebukuro on the way to Dawn's house and met up with Nichole to eat at Saizeria!

Dawn's cat. He's a butt... he liked to get into EVERYTHING... this is him getting into my purse and biting me. He liked to bite... a lot.

Day 2: NCC Japan Meetup!
We tried to sleep in, but that didn't really happen. So, we ended up jumping up rather than sleeping. We stopped in to the small department store at our station (Dawn also happens to live in the same town we all lived in together). Bought some things (will show them as I wore them!) then headed out to meet up with all our friends from collage who also happen to live in Japan. What was hilarious is Michiko (my roommate from collage) decided that we would all meet at TGIFridays... ._.;; heh, an American restaurant.

What I wore.

The group! All of us went to collage together at the same time in the same department (more or less)! And, by one way or another, all ended up in Japan. There is actually more of us, but not everyone could make it.
After dinner, we went to karaoke, where epic-ness was had. I have yet to get the pictures from this, but when I get them!!! O_o

Day 3: Adventures in Shibuya 109
We got up nice and early and headed out to Shibuya 109 for a day FULL of shopping... we're talking 10am-7pm continuous shopping. We didn't even make it to the final floor. Not going to lie, we simply gave up! The place is gargantuan! To date, after having been on 5 different trips and living there for 3 years, I have YET to hit every floor in one day. To all the girls who have, I applaud you!

Outfit and face: new shorts! I bought these the day before. Sorry for the black out mouth. I don't know what I was doing. :)

close up.

On the way!


Nicole's face is priceless!

If you don't know the reference... then you NEED to watch this video!!!

(though my favorite is Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde (feat. Rihanna))

109! The wind was outrageous! Just about everyone was blowing away

With Nichole

Shops! I took a bunch in Liz (mostly because I forgot until we got up there... and so I tried to make up for it).

Some observations I want to share about the gals in 109 (both shop staff and patrons). Flat hair is IN! For the most part, the big voluptuous curls are a thing of the past. Most girls/gals are wearing their hair straight and flat or pulled back into a simple pony tail. Also, bangs aren't very popular any more.

Also, circle lenses are not around as much as I thought. Probably only 1 in 10 gals actually had them in. And, colored lenses aren't popular, either. What I did see when girls were wearing them were a brown or honey colored lens.

AND, bottom lashes... same as lenses. Not a lot of them around. Just about every shop staff had top lashes, but then either just mascara on the bottom ones, or just eyeliner.

This is not to say that the big hair, dark eyed, brown skinned look is completely gone. There are some styles that still have that going on (for example, the dia staff had ALL of that going on... but almost NO other shops did).

But seeing this has reiterate to me that many foreign gals look at magazines and think that's what the average gal looks like... and it's really not true. You don't have to hit ALL the check marks on the list, so to say, to be gal.

That's it for now. More interesting posts to come... hopefully! LOL! And, more pictures.

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At January 19, 2012 at 3:51 AM, Anonymous Conshi said...

i was during this time in tokyo too!!!! oh no how sad. i really would like to meet you :)

At January 20, 2012 at 1:58 AM, Anonymous l0ckheart said...

That would have been a lot of fun! I think I'll be back there again very soon, so if you go back, maybe then we can meet :)


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