Japan Adventure Part 4: Finale :: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 10: Shibuya... AGAIN!
I don't think I've been in Shibuya so many times in such short succession EVER! I feel like every other day we went to Shibuya. What is funny about this is Shibuya is actually our least favorite city. There is nothing wrong with it mind you, but we prefer Ikebukuro and Shinjuku over Shibuya. (all the same stores are in Shinjuku/Ikebukuro and there are less people in the way)!

This time, we needed to come to Shibuya because we had a session live for the vocalist Ikkou from Tokyo Micheal and also all the boys from Clearveil would be there that night and Nicole wanted to stop in at Zeal link to pick up some cds.

So, we wandered around, shopped a bit, ate lunch, went to the live, and then finished with dinner in gusto.

Outfit. This was by far my laziest outfit day (other than the last 2 days). By this time, very little sleep and being out from very early until very late every day was starting to really take it's toll. I just DIDN'T CARE what I looked like. Yeah, we were going to be in Shibuya... and yes, we were going to a live.... but, eh.

I took a ton of random pictures though while walking down the street...

Mostly creepy covert pictures. Yup, I was being that kind of foreigner. lol.

Dinner from Gusto. Curry rice, kani cream croquette, cabbage salad, and spinach. YUM!

And a sign about being annoying that is posted in Tabata's train platform. LOVE IT!

Day 11: Harajuku, Meiji Jingu, Shinjuku instore, and SHIBUYA CLUBBING!!

One of the last days we were in Japan... and man did we have a lot to do! We needed to head out to Harajuku to go to Meiji Jingu to get New Year's charms, had an instore event in Shinjuku 0101 ONE, AND had plans to go clubbing AGAIN!

SO, let's get started!

Outfit featuring Draco. I just wanted to be cool enough for the club later that night. AND, I was NOT going to wear another dress because I had too many guys trying to pull my skirt up while I was dancing before... You get groped a lot more in Japanese clubs if you have a dress on.

Wore my sunglasses 90% of the time this trip because my eyes are so sensitive and I HATE squinting!

Harajuku station, Takeshita Dori, and right outside the station... This is normal for a Saturday!!!

Here's a video of the crowd that Nicole took! And... yeah, I AM that short. At one point... you can see where the top of my head comes up to on normal sized people. lol!

The sign actually says "watch your step" but I was just trying to take a picture of the crowd.

Meiji Jingu

After Meiji Jingu, we headed over to Shinjuku for the instore in 0101 ONE Zeal Link. We were going for a band called 次世代エキサイト which is a TINY band whom we know the vocalist, Kirio. We stood around and talked to him (and the rest of the band) for a little bit, then headed down and sat in the "Lady's corner" on one of the Lolita floors while we waited for Dawn and Michiko to join us.

Then we headed over to Shakey's (or as we call it, Sharky's) which is an "American" pizza place, that has all you can eat order Viking course. SO YUMMY!

We're all so tired already!

Then back over to Shibuya to meet up with Nichole, do some karaoke, and then head to the club until 5:30am!

109 at night.

Random graffiti

All tarted up! Pulled bangs back again. So many girls get SO sweaty at the club, and have their bangs down and look NASTY! I decided I wouldn't be one of them.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of us all tarted up... but I never did :(

Day 12: Last Full day - Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Since we didn't get home until after 7am again, we slept most of our last day away. We only woke up some time around 3 when the kuro-neko delivery guy came by the pick up our suitcases and take them back to the airport for us.

Then, we slowly got ready to go out to Yokohama to go to our favorite artificial Onsen in Tokyo. Oedo Onsen Monogatari is a wonderful Oedo themed onsen with cute shops, massage places, gardens, etc. I LOVE going and relaxing there!

Yup, that's me :)


US, before the baths. No makeup, FOOD TIME!

I had Tendon again. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I also had tuskemono (Japanese pickles) which I love SO much!

The last thing we did before we left to catch our last train was use the Dr. Fish. These little fish eat off the dead skin and callouses from your feet. At first it feels kind of ticklish... then it starts to feel kind of good... then for me at least, it became quite painful.

Tokyo tower and Yokohama bridge as seen from the train platform.

Homeward bound!

There is nothing more liberating and camaraderie building as sitting around chatting with friends while completely nekkid!!!

Day 13: Last Hurrah

So, we had a bit of time in the morning and afternoon to hang out, do some final shopping, and eating before we had to head to the airport. And, we decided to catch the bus out to the Kita-toda AEON. (It's a shopping mall that's very close to where we used to live)

Not too many pictures this day. Too tired, and had way too much else on our minds other than taking pictures. Actually, looking at them, the camera was out at lunch and once in the terminal... xD

Lunch. Saizeria again. (3rd time this trip, what can I say? WE LOVE SAIZA!) It is a Hamburg-steak with vegetable salsa with egg and corn. YUMMMM!

Evil had a hamburg-steak too, but just a normal one... and Dawn had Spinach and cream pasta.

Really happy about my food.

THE MOON! Right before we got on the plane. :)

That ends my trip! I actually stayed up in Chicago for a couple more days after we got back to the States. Then, the day I got home... I came home to this!

AND~~ Finally, some of the buys I got that I either didn't wear, or haven't shown yet. :)

Polka-dot tank, Polka-dot cardigan, and navy high-waisted shorts featuring Draco.

Ma*rs fukubukuro coat!! Ma*rs isn't really my style most of the time, but the coats they had this year were just FANTASTIC! This one came in the fukubukuro... and was the only thing I really wanted to keep.

My new favorite character, Sentimental Circus! Such a cutie!! I bought my new makeup bags with this pattern. One for my purse makeup bag, and one for my normal makeup bag. LOVE IT!

New Rebecca Taylor wallet. I got this for half price at the New Years sale! Very cute!

New accessories. You've seen the star for sure... I wore it like every day after I bought it! And the heart earrings as well.

Lastly, new lashes! The Cecil ones I was actually wearing in this picture.

That's it! If you guys have any questions about my trip, then feel free to ask! I'll get back to my regular scheduled blogging after this post!

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posted by l0ckheart @ 6:19 AM


At January 25, 2012 at 8:47 PM, Anonymous Conshi said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i want to go back so hard!!! thank you for sharing the pics. you are so pretty and i'm so envy about the sentimental circus stuff. this year i didn't find good rilakkuma or sentimental cirtus goods and you found such great pourches :)

At January 26, 2012 at 2:21 AM, Anonymous l0ckheart said...

THANK YOU! I want to go back, too!

I found Sentimental Circus in a little shop out in kita-toda (kind of far from Tokyo) on our very last day! I fell in love immediately. I hadn't even heard of it before then!!
I'm usually a kapibara-san girl... but I didn't have very much luck finding any of him.


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