Japan Adventure Part 2 :: Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 4: Harajuku Take 1 and Countdown live

December 31st, and there are tons of things to do! There are so many different count down to the New Years events that you can go to! We decided to go to a v-kei countdown live. It's tradition! Every year in Japan, we went to a countdown live! SO... even though there were only 3 bands there that we cared about, we picked a v-kei live.

Because we thought the live was going to be in Harajuku (LaForet live space), we headed there to shop for the day.

Outfit! I bought the shirt while we were shopping in 109. The staff girl was wearing it like this (with a pair of shorts under) and I really liked it, so I gave it a try.

LUNCH! and view from the station we used to live at.

Takeshita dori and I LOVE GLAY TIGHTS!

Countdown live! 3 bands we were interested in R指定、愛狂います、摩天楼オペラ (R-shitei, aicle, matenrou opera) Had great spots for each, got into the furi and had TONS of fun! R指定 played our 2 favorite songs by them. So, that rocked my socks!

Day 5: New Years Sales!
Since we got home really late after the countdown, we slept in and didn't actually end up out at the sales until AFTER the rush... which was fine. No more of the days of getting up at 5am (or just staying up) and going in to Ikebukuro Parco to stand in line for the fukubukuro run!

Even though we didn't get there until after 10am, there were still tons of fukubukuros left this year. Nowhere had run out... which is like, unusual. They must be making a lot more now than they used to.

I only ended up buying one fukubukuro this day.

Super casual for the day. and New items. Bought the shorts the day before in LaForet in a store called 'Heathers' I was surprised... because never did I think I would fit into Japanese shorts!! The rest I got in 109... here and there.

Waiting for the bus...and riding it to the station :)

And, how to get something out of a Japanese vending machine.

1. look for change

2. Realize you have no change and plug in a 1000 yen bill instead.

3. Make your selection. (Hot coffee, YUM!)

4. Collect your purchase.

5. Sadly collect your change in 100, 50, and 10 yen coins... DANG!

Stores and lunch at 天丼てんや. (Tendon tenya)

Egoist fukubukuro. This fukubukuro was AMAZING! It came with 2 dresses, a coat, a shirt, a sweater, and a cardigan plus the bag. The items were all AWESOME! But, I still traded one of the dresses, the shirt, and the coat for my friends Cecil McBee fukubukuro coat and dress (cause I liked them a little better).

Sweater, cardigan, dress, and Cecil coat. Everything was black and in a great basic kind of way. So, you can pretty much use them with everything! The dress is particularly great! It really doesn't look like much, but it looks really great on. It was twice the coat the Egoist one was. SO WARM! So I didn't mind trading the other dress and coat for the Cecil one.

After dropping off our buys, we headed off to our local Family Restaurant. Royal Host.

Day 6: Shinjuku Round 1

I LOVE Shinjuku! It is my 2nd home in Japan. I've spent more time there than I have in any of the other places. They have shopping, food, entertainment!!
We made a stop here to visit our favorite kaiten-zushi place, shopping, and to stop in at Like an Edison (v-kei cd and goods store). SO, just picture spam from here.
(I'm getting tired!)

Last picture is of HOSTS! and the Crazy Lady Gaga flute playing homeless guy... He was following us around saying "Lady Gaga好きですか?" (Do you like Lady Gaga?) and then proceeding to play Bad Romance on his flute.

AHHH, ok. So More will come late. I'm thinking I'll be able to wrap the rest up in 2 posts!

Also, Got my lenses from Rox's giveaway today! Will review them later!

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